+The Swineherd;Galoshes of Fortune;4 Präludien für

  • Künstler: Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra, Kirill Ershov
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2009
  • Bestellnummer: 1118275
  • Erscheinungstermin: 22.3.2010
  1. 1 4 Preludes for Chamber Orchestra: No. 1. Agitato Start
  2. 2 4 Preludes for Chamber Orchestra: No. 2. Con moto Start
  3. 3 4 Preludes for Chamber Orchestra: No. 3. Adagio Start
  4. 4 4 Preludes for Chamber Orchestra: No. 4. Semplice Start
  5. 5 The Swineherd Suite: I. Introduction Start
  6. 6 The Swineherd Suite: II. In the Garden Start
  7. 7 The Swineherd Suite: Iii. Minuet Start
  8. 8 The Swineherd Suite: IV. The Rose Start
  9. 9 The Swineherd Suite: V. The Nightingale Start
  10. 10 The Swineherd Suite: VI. Jingles Start
  11. 11 The Swineherd Suite: Vii. The Magic Kettle Start
  12. 12 The Swineherd Suite: Viii. Waltz Start
  13. 13 The Swineherd Suite: IX. Polka Start
  14. 14 The Swineherd Suite: X. The Ratchet Start
  15. 15 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: I. The Rose-Tree Start
  16. 16 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: II. The Clock Start
  17. 17 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: Iii. The Soldier's Sailing Start
  18. 18 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: IV. The Weavers Start
  19. 19 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: V. The Darning-Needle's Journey Start
  20. 20 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: VI. The Darning-Needle Start
  21. 21 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: Vii. Fanfare Start
  22. 22 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: Viii. The Emperor's March Start
  23. 23 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: IX. The Little Lady Dancer Start
  24. 24 Andersen Fairy Tales Suite: X. The Toy Ball Start
  25. 25 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: I. Introduction Start
  26. 26 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: II. 2 Fairies Start
  27. 27 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Iii. Interlude Start
  28. 28 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: IV. Night Start
  29. 29 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: V. Revelers' Song Start
  30. 30 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: VI. The Night Watchman Start
  31. 31 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Vii. Voyage To The Moon Start
  32. 32 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Viii. The Moon Start
  33. 33 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: IX. The Dash Back to Earth Start
  34. 34 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: X. The Medical Intern Start
  35. 35 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: XI. The Theatre Start
  36. 36 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xii. A Wealthy Man And His Wife Start
  37. 37 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xiii. A Lady Start
  38. 38 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xiv. A Selfish Man Start
  39. 39 Galoshes of Fortune Suite: XV. An Officer Start
  40. 40 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xvi. The Bird Start
  41. 41 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xvii. The Journey Start
  42. 42 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xviii. Tarantella Start
  43. 43 Galoshes Of Fortune Suite: Xix. Mourning Music Start


Boris Tchaikovsky, a pupil of Shostakovich, enjoyed a long and illustrious career. Rostropovich once remarked: 'I consider him to be a day people will come to know that two great Russian composers bore the same name'. Four Preludes for Chamber Orchestra, originally conceived as a song cycle, which was promptly banned by the authorities, was reworked while maintaining the trenchant contradictions, beguiling wit and fleeting moods of the original. The three delightful Andersen suites derive from music composed for radio plays between 1954 and 1958 but only recovered in 2003. Tchaikovsky himself considered the music for the Andersen Fairy Tales to be one of his best incidental scores.

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