Puppets Book I-III;Film en miniature;Spring in the Garden;
Butterflies and Birds of Paradise;The Fifth Day of the
Fifth Moon;Les bouquinistes du Quai Malaquais

  • Künstler: Giorgio Koukl, Klavier
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2005
  • Bestellnummer: 8751270
  • Erscheinungstermin: 12.2.2007
  1. 1 Loutky (Puppets), H. 92: No. 1. Pierrotovo zastavenicko (Pierrot's Serenade) Start
  2. 2 Loutky (Puppets), H. 92: No. 2. Valcik sentimentalni loutky (The Sentimental Puppet's Waltz) Start
  3. 3 Loutky (Puppets), H. 92: No. 3. Colombina (Columbine) Start
  4. 4 Loutky (Puppets), H. 92: No. 4. Ples loutek (Puppet Ball) Start
  5. 5 Loutky, H. 116: No. 1. Loutkove divadlo (Puppet Show) Start
  6. 6 Loutky, H. 116: No. 2. Harlekyn (Harlequin) Start
  7. 7 Loutky, H. 116: No. 3. Colombina vzpomina (Columbine Remembers) Start
  8. 8 Loutky, H. 116: No. 4. Nemocna loutka (The Sick Puppet) Start
  9. 9 Loutky, H. 116: No. 5. Colombina zpiva (Columbine Sings) Start
  10. 10 Loutky, H. 137: No. 1. Colombina tanci (Columbine Dances) Start
  11. 11 Loutky, H. 137: No. 2. Nova loutka (The New Puppet) (Shimmy) Start
  12. 12 Loutky, H. 137: No. 3. Ostychava panenka (The Shy Puppet) Start
  13. 13 Loutky, H. 137: No. 4. Pohadka (Fairy-tale) Start
  14. 14 Loutky, H. 137: No. 5. Tanec loutek (Dance of The Puppets) Start
  15. 15 Film en miniature, H. 148: I. Tango Start
  16. 16 Film en miniature, H. 148: II. Scherzo Start
  17. 17 Film En Miniature, H. 148: Iii. Ukolebavka (Berceuse) Start
  18. 18 Film en miniature, H. 148: IV. Valse Start
  19. 19 Film en miniature, H. 148: V. Chanson Start
  20. 20 Film en miniature, H. 148: VI. Carillon Start
  21. 21 Jaro v zahrade (Spring in the Garden), H. 125: I. Co si ted budeme hrati? Na honenou? (What shall we play now? Tag?) Start
  22. 22 Jaro v zahrade (Spring in the Garden), H. 125: II. Myslim, ze bych uz mel jit spat. (I think I should go to sleep now) Start
  23. 23 Jaro V Zahrade (Spring In The Garden), H. 125: Iii. Proc Bychom Si Nezahrali Na Vojaky. (Why Shouldn't We Play Soldiers? Start
  24. 24 Jaro v zahrade (Spring in the Garden), H. 125: IV. Neni to snad nic zleho, utrhnu-li si nekolik kvetin. (It isn't bad, i Start
  25. 25 Motyli a rajky (Butterflies and Birds of Paradise), H. 127: I. Motyli v kvetinach (Butterflies in flowers) Start
  26. 26 Motyli a rajky (Butterflies and Birds of Paradise), H. 127: II. Motyli a rajky (Butterflies and birds of paradise) Start
  27. 27 Motyli A Rajky (Butterflies And Birds Of Paradise), H. 127: Iii. Rajky Nad Morem (Birds Of Paradise Above The Sea) Start
  28. 28 The Fifth Day of the Fifth Moon, H. 318 Start
  29. 29 Les bouquinistes du Quai Malaquais, H. 319 Start


Although they number approximately eighty out of a total of over four hundred works, Martinû's compositions for solo piano have long been overshadowed by his orchestral and chamber music. This second release in the Naxos complete Martinû piano music edition features three sets of Puppets, written between 1912 and 1924. These and his Film en miniature of 1925 reflect Martinû's fascination with popular culture. Delicate and sentimental, The Fifth Day of the Fifth Moon is dedicated to Hsien-Ming Lee Tcherepnin, the Chinese-born pianist and wife of the composer, while Les bouquinistes, which recalls Poulenc, is dedicated to the composer's own wife, Charlotte. The two sets of 'Garden Cycles' from 1920 predate the composer's move to Paris.

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