+Old Polish Suite für Streichorchester, Jagiellonian
Triptych für Streichorchester;Divertimento after Janiewicz;
Hommage a Chopin (5 Stücke für Flöte & Streichorchester)

  • Künstler: Igor Cechoco, Hanna Turonek, Polish Chamber Orchestra, Mariusz Smolij
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2005
  • Bestellnummer: 4720281
  • Erscheinungstermin: 23.10.2006
  1. 1 Suita staropolska (Old Polish Suite): I. Dance 1, "Cenar": Allegro giusto Start
  2. 2 Suita staropolska (Old Polish Suite): II. Interlude: Lento espressivo Start
  3. 3 Suita Staropolska (Old Polish Suite): Iii. Dance 2, "wyrwany": Allegretto Leggero Start
  4. 4 Suita staropolska (Old Polish Suite): IV. Chorale: Andante tranquillo Start
  5. 5 Suita staropolska (Old Polish Suite): V. Dance 3, "Hayduk": Allegro deciso Start
  6. 6 Concerto in modo antico Start
  7. 7 Jagiellonian Triptych: I. Preambulum: Vivace Start
  8. 8 Jagiellonian Triptych: II. Cantio: Adagietto Start
  9. 9 Jagiellonian Triptych: Iii. Chorea Polonica: Allegro Non Troppo Start
  10. 10 Divertimento (after F. Janiewicz' string trios): I. Allegro moderato Start
  11. 11 Divertimento (after F. Janiewicz' string trios): II. Andante Start
  12. 12 Divertimento (After F. Janiewicz' String Trios): Iii. Allegro Start
  13. 13 Suita polska, "Hommage a Chopin" (arr. for flute and orchestra): I. Andante Start
  14. 14 Suita polska, "Hommage a Chopin" (arr. for flute and orchestra): II. Allegretto Start
  15. 15 Suita Polska, "hommage A Chopin" (Arr. For Flute And Orchestra): Iii. Andantino Start
  16. 16 Suita polska, "Hommage a Chopin" (arr. for flute and orchestra): IV. Vivo Start
  17. 17 Suita polska, "Hommage a Chopin" (arr. for flute and orchestra): V. Andante Start


This disc contains all of Panufnik's post-war reconstructions of early Polish music originally written between the 14th and 18th centuries. Of these works the composer himself wrote: "My compulsion to restore some of the early Polish music was engendered as I witnessed the superb reconstruction of beautiful 16th and 17th century houses in the old part of Warsaw... My intention was to bring alive the spirit of Poland at that time, and to make use of these precious fragments which otherwise would have remained lifeless on the bookshelves of libraries..." The disc concludes with Hommage a Chopin, in which the composer draws on the folk music of Masovice, the region in central Poland where Chopin was born."

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