• Andres Segovia - 1950s American Recordings Vol.6
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Werke von Schumann, Franck, Brahms, Grieg, Scriabin, Llobet, Falla, Pedrell, Manen, Villa-Lobos, Torroba
  • Künstler: Andres Segovia
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1952-56
  • Bestellnummer: 5901536
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.7.2008


In this sixth and last volume of André Segovia's 1950s American recordings, the great guitarist is heard in a number of his transcriptions from eminent nineteenth century composers as well as in original guitar solos composed by his Spanish and South American contemporaries. The considerable diversity of the music is presented in Segovia's inimitable manner, every nuance of sound and colour being uniquely exploited in delicately refined interpretations. Of particular note is Segovia's interpretation of Falla's Homenaje 'Le Tombeau de Claude Debussy', now regarded as one of the most emotionally charged solo guitar works. In his preface to Villa-Lobos's Douze Etudes, that the composer had dedicated to him, Segovia writes:'Villa- Lobos has made a gift to the guitar's history of the fruits of his talents as vigorous and as wise as that of Scarlatti and Chopin'.
  1. 1 Andrés Segovia: Lieder-Album fur die Jugend, Op. 79: No. 4. Fruhlingsgruss (arr. A. Segovia) Start
  2. 2 Andrés Segovia: L'organiste, M. 41 (arr. A. Segovia): Quasi lento Start
  3. 3 Andrés Segovia: L'organiste, M. 41 (arr. A. Segovia): Moderato Start
  4. 4 Andrés Segovia: 16 Waltzes, Op. 39: No. 8 in B flat major (arr. A. Segovia) Start
  5. 5 Andrés Segovia: Lyric Pieces, Book 4, Op. 47: No. 3. Melody (arr. A. Segovia) Start
  6. 6 Andrés Segovia: 5 Preludes, Op. 16: No. 4 in E flat minor (arr. A. Segovia) Start
  7. 7 Andrés Segovia: El mestre (The Master) Start
  8. 8 Andrés Segovia: Homenaje, piece pour guitare ecrite pour Le Tombeau de Debussy (arr. A. Segovia) Start
  9. 9 Andrés Segovia: Guitarreo Start
  10. 10 Andrés Segovia: Fantasie-Sonata, Op. A22 Start
  11. 11 Andrés Segovia: 12 Etudes: No. 7. Tres anime Start
  12. 12 Andrés Segovia: 5 Preludes: No. 1 in E minor Start
  13. 13 Andrés Segovia: 5 Preludes: No. 3 in A minor Start
  14. 14 Andrés Segovia: 12 Etudes: No. 8. Modere Start
  15. 15 Andrés Segovia: 12 Etudes: No. 1. Etudes de arpeges (Prelude): Anime Start
  16. 16 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Sonatina: I. Allegretto Start
  17. 17 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Sonatina: II. Andante Start
  18. 18 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Sonatina: Iii. Allegro Start
  19. 19 Andrés Segovia: Madronos Start
  20. 20 Andrés Segovia: Nocturno Start
  21. 21 Andrés Segovia: Serenata burlesca Start

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