• Andres Segovia - 1950s American Recordings Vol.5
  • CD i **;


Werke von Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Cassado, Tansman,
Rodrigo, Crespo, Lauro, Haug

  • Künstler: Andres Segovia
  • Label: Naxos, ADD/m, 1954-56
  • Bestellnummer: 8260219
  • Erscheinungstermin: 4.4.2008
  1. 1 Andrés Segovia: Capriccio diabolico, Op. 85, "Homage to Paganini" Start
  2. 2 Andrés Segovia: Greeting Cards, Op. 170: No. 5. Tonadilla on the name of Andres Segovia Start
  3. 3 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Quintet, Op. 143: I. Allegro, vivo e schietto Start
  4. 4 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Quintet, Op. 143: II. Andante mesto Start
  5. 5 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Quintet, Op. 143: Iii. Scherzo: Allegro Con Spirito, Alla Marcia Start
  6. 6 Andrés Segovia: Guitar Quintet, Op. 143: IV. Finale: Allegro con fuoco Start
  7. 7 Andrés Segovia: Sardana chigiana Start
  8. 8 Andrés Segovia: Cavatine: I. Preludio Start
  9. 9 Andrés Segovia: Cavatine: II. Sarabande Start
  10. 10 Andrés Segovia: Cavatine: Iii. Scherzino Start
  11. 11 Andrés Segovia: Cavatine: IV. Barcarole Start
  12. 12 Andrés Segovia: Cavatine: V. Danza Pomposa Start
  13. 13 Andrés Segovia: Zarabanda lejana Start
  14. 14 Andrés Segovia: Nortena Start
  15. 15 Andrés Segovia: 4 Valses Venezolanos: No. 3. Natalia, "Vals criollo" Start
  16. 16 Andrés Segovia: Alba Start
  17. 17 Andrés Segovia: Preludio, "Postlude" Start


From the 1920s onwards Segovia not only enriched the range of the guitar repertoire by transcribing and performing works by great composers of the past, but also persuaded his contemporaries to write new pieces. Volume 5 of Segovia's 1950s American recordings includes music by composers of various nationalities, (Italian, Spanish, Polish, Argentinian, Venezuelan, and Swiss), demonstrating the international appeal of the guitar. The diversity of musical styles featured is considerable, ranging from the folkloric appeal of South America to the more esoteric inwardness of European composers. Of particular interest is Segovia's performance of the great Italian composer, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco's Quintet for Guitar and String Quartet, one of the most successful examples of the synthesis of plucked and bowed sonorities.

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