• Verne,Jules:20.000 Leagues under the Sea (in engl.Spr.)
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+Around the World in 80 Days
Narrators: John Carlisle, Harry Burton


The year is 1866. The maritime world is gripped by fear after reported sightings of a huge and terrible sea monster. Monsieur Aronnax, a distinguished Professor of Natural History, pronounces the creature to be a giant narwhal and is invited to join an official expedition to track down the beast. But Professor Aronnax is proved wrong; the beast is not of the natural world, but a huge submarine. To take on the bet – to go around the world in eighty days, faster than anyone had gone before – was madness. If Phileas Fogg missed a single connection he would lose £20, 000. Phileas Fogg was an eccentric Englishman who lived a quiet ordered life and believed that, with technology and planning, nothing was unforseeable. But he could not plan for the ebullient nature of his French servant, Passepartout, for the adventures that crop up on their journey and for the totally unexpected collision with romance. The humour and freshness of Verne’s writing – vivid despatches from a newly accessible world – make these works the ideal subject for an Audiobook.


Perhaps the first of the science fiction writers, the imagination of Jules Verne created adventures which made him one of the great popular figures of the late 19th century. In these novels, Verne created exciting stories, and also invented key characters which have passed into world literature.

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