• The Third Round
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  • Unabridged
  • Komponist: Sapper


  • NAXOS AUDIO BOOKS, 02/2012
  • Einband: CD
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9781843795179
  • Bestell-Nr.: 1571443
  • Umfang: 6 Seiten
  • Gewicht: 63 g
  • Maße: 142 x 124 mm
  • Stärke: 25 mm
  • Spielzeit: 467:00 Min.
  • Erscheinungstermin: 27.2.2012

  • Achtung: Artikel ist nicht in deutscher Sprache!

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When Professor Goodman discovers a method of creating flawless diamonds at almost no cost, it is much more than a scientific curiosity - especially to the members of the Metropolitan Diamond Syndicate, who determine to stop this threat to their healthy profits. But their plans backfire when the man they recruit to keep the Professor¿s discovery a secret turns out to be the world¿s greatest villain. Only one man can stop the ensuing intrigue, kidnappings, plotting and murder: Bulldog Drummond. Yet even he is pushed to the limit when he faces his nemesis in the waters off the south coast.
Gripping and thrilling, this is the third of Bulldog Drummond¿s contests with the master-criminal Carl Peterson. But is it the last?


The Third Round is the third of Sapper's Bulldog Drummond stories. In investigating the mysterious death of Professor Goodman, who holds the key to a formula for creating diamonds, Hugh Drummond uncovers a menacing plot involving the Metropolitan Diamond Syndicate and, inevitably, his seemingly indestructible enemy, the sinister Carl Peterson.

Disk 1 von 6

  1. 1 Chapter 1: In which the Metropolitan Diamond Syndicate... Start
  2. 2 He replaced the receiver and stood for a moment... Start
  3. 3 The three men strolled into the balcony Start
  4. 4 'As you probably know Mr Blackton...' Start
  5. 5 He beamed at us and then he commenced. Start
  6. 6 Mr Blackton said nothing. It was not his business... Start
  7. 7 'You heard?' he said, as he replaced the book. Start
  8. 8 Chapter 2: In which professor Goodman realises... Start
  9. 9 'You know he made it,' said Algy quietly Start
  10. 10 Hugh Drummond laid no claim to being brilliant. Start
  11. 11 The Professor leaned forward... Start
  12. 12 Hugh watched him cross the room... Start

Disk 2 von 6

  1. 1 Drummond watched the taxi swing round into King Street Start
  2. 2 Chapter 3: In which strange things happen... Start
  3. 3 He started nervously as he heard the sound of voices... Start
  4. 4 He rose as if to leave Start
  5. 5 He realised suddenly that he had reached his destination Start
  6. 6 It was three-quarters of an hour before the door opened Start
  7. 7 Which was a kindly thought on the part of the parlourmaid. Start
  8. 8 An hour later Edward Balckton was seated at his desk Start
  9. 9 Chapter 4: In which Mr William Robinson arrives Start
  10. 10 The whole thing had come with such startling suddenness... Start
  11. 11 He opened the door of his room, and Algy looked up... Start
  12. 12 Drummond swung round in time to see... Start
  13. 13 To be exact, he was just putting the last final touch... Start

Disk 3 von 6

  1. 1 'One moment Mr Blackton,' cried Sir Raymond Start
  2. 2 Chapter 5: In which Mr William Robinson loses... Start
  3. 3 Professor Goodman's face went grey... Start
  4. 4 And it was a full minute before Mr. Robinson... Start
  5. 5 Whatever may have been his thoughts... Start
  6. 6 Chapter 6: In which Hugh Drummond loses... Start
  7. 7 He rambled on while Drummond, having read the letter... Start
  8. 8 'Seems a bona-fide show, Algy,' he remarked Start
  9. 9 And so it is unnecessary to emphasise the fact... Start
  10. 10 But Drummond wasn't even listening. Start
  11. 11 Completely exhausted she sank into a chair... Start
  12. 12 Which was where the error occurred. Start
  13. 13 With a wave of his hand he was gone Start

Disk 4 von 6

  1. 1 And it was a very puzzled young man who finally returned... Start
  2. 2 Chapter 7: In which Drummond takes a telephone call... Start
  3. 3 He broke off and waited. Start
  4. 4 But it takes two people to terminate an interview... Start
  5. 5 On one point at any rate... Start
  6. 6 For a moment or two he stood staring at it. Start
  7. 7 But there was no darkness in the house as he searched... Start
  8. 8 Another thing occurred to Drummond also... Start
  9. 9 Chapter 8: In which Drummond plays a little game... Start
  10. 10 Freyder grinned as he watched Mr Robinson Start
  11. 11 The heat in the room was stifling Start
  12. 12 With a benevolent smile he walked over to the bell... Start
  13. 13 He gave a sigh of relief. Start

Disk 5 von 6

  1. 1 Chapter 9: In which Professor Goodman has a trying time Start
  2. 2 'Sit down, Professor,' he said gently... Start
  3. 3 Mr Robinson, having delivered himself... Start
  4. 4 For a moment or two Mr Robinson did not reply... Start
  5. 5 Already the sweat was running down both their faces... Start
  6. 6 For a moment or two Mr. Robinson stood motionless... Start
  7. 7 Chapter 10: In which Drummond goes on board... Start
  8. 8 Why were they torturing him? Start
  9. 9 And at that very moment the principal part... Start
  10. 10 It was one of his assets that he could do... Start
  11. 11 A sudden shuffling step in the passage outside... Start
  12. 12 The car had stopped; he could hear the driver talking... Start

Disk 6 von 6

  1. 1 Chapter 11: In which Drummond leaves the SS Gadfly Start
  2. 2 Drummond saw him focus a pair of field-glasses... Start
  3. 3 'Man overboard. Lower a boat...' Start
  4. 4 He nosed the motor-boat through the water... Start
  5. 5 The thing in the water was one of the large wooden lockers... Start
  6. 6 Chapter 12: In which Drummond samples... Start
  7. 7 The President of the Metropolitan Diamond Syndicate Start
  8. 8 From a large cupboard occupying most of one wall Start
  9. 9 He turned again to Drummond. Start
  10. 10 'It took a bit of thinking out,' admitted Drummond... Start
  11. 11 The seconds dragged by and Blacktron stared... Start
  12. 12 Drummond pulled himself together... Start
  13. 13 Chapter 13: In which Drummond receives an addition... Start

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