• Melville,Herman:Moby Dick
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  • NAXOS AUDIO BOOKS, 08/2005
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(in englischer Sprache)
The Nantucket whaling ship, the Pequod,
spirals the globe in search of Moby Dick, the
mythical white whale of the Southern Oceans.
Driven on by the obsessive revenge of Captain
Ahab, the cres and the outcast Ishmael find
themselves caught up in a demonic pursuit
which leads inexorably to an apocalyptic
Reader: William Hootkins


Call me Ishmael’ Thus starts the greatest American novel. Melville said himself that he wanted to write ‘a mighty book about a mighty theme’ and so he did. It is a story of one man’s obsessive revenge-journey against the white whale, Moby-Dick, who injured him in an earlier meeting. Woven into the story of the last journey of the Pequod is a mesh of philosophy, rumination, religion, history and a mass of information about whaling through the ages. This epic story, here presented in unabridged form, receives an equally epic reading from the outstanding American actor William Hootkins.


"Moby Dick," presented in unabridged form, Is Melville's "mighty book about amighty theme." 19 CDs.

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