• Dracula's Guest and Other Stories
  • 5 CDs i **;
  • Mitwirkender: Bram Stoker


  • NAXOS AUDIO BOOKS, 10/2012
  • Einband: CD
  • Sprache: Englisch
  • ISBN-13: 9781843795636
  • Bestell-Nr.: 2827628
  • Gewicht: 218 g
  • Maße: 142 x 124 mm
  • Stärke: 25 mm
  • Erscheinungstermin: 29.10.2012

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Disk 1 von 5

  1. 1 Dracula's guest Start
  2. 2 Whilst we were talking, we heard a sort of sound between a yelp... Start
  3. 3 With a light heart I turned down the side road through the... Start
  4. 4 As the snow had ceased to fall, I walked out from the shelter... Start
  5. 5 Gradually there came a sort of vague beginning of consciousness... Start
  6. 6 'What became of it?' asked a man who was holding up my head... Start
  7. 7 The judge's house Start
  8. 8 After his examination of the house, Malcolmson decided to take up... Start
  9. 9 Then it was that he began to notice for the first time... Start
  10. 10 And so the early part of the night wore on... Start
  11. 11 'I shall look up my friend's habitation in the morning', said the student Start
  12. 12 When Malcolmson arrived home he found that it was a little... Start
  13. 13 Looking up, however, he saw in the dim light the great rat... Start

Disk 2 von 5

  1. 1 The Squaw Start
  2. 2 Amelia turned quite faint, and I had to lift her back from the wall. Start
  3. 3 We were the only visitors who had entered the Torture Tower... Start
  4. 4 When we got back to the chamber we found Hutcheson... Start
  5. 5 The custodian must have had in him some of the blood of his... Start
  6. 6 The secret of the growing gold Start
  7. 7 Some weeks had since passed; and it was understood... Start
  8. 8 Geoffrey Brent seemed more happy than he had ever before... Start
  9. 9 For reply he merely kissed her and went out, closing the door behind him. Start
  10. 10 That very evening she came into the hall after her drive... Start
  11. 11 The gipsy prophecy Start
  12. 12 'Amen!' said Gerald. With an imperious gesture... Start
  13. 13 Breakfast was late the next morning, but during it Joshua received... Start

Disk 3 von 5

  1. 1 He could not find a single sharp knife in the sideboard... Start
  2. 2 The coming of Abel Behenna Start
  3. 3 At length there came a time which Sarah dreaded... Start
  4. 4 During her brief walk on the hillside... Start
  5. 5 Presently Abel looked up and caught sight of Eric's face... Start
  6. 6 The 11th April was Saturday, so that in order to have the marriage... Start
  7. 7 The old fisherman's weather prophecy was justified. Start
  8. 8 The remainder of that night he passed lying on his bed... Start
  9. 9 The afternoon of that day, when the children had left school... Start
  10. 10 The burial of the rats Start
  11. 11 As I passed along I saw behind the dust heaps a few forms... Start
  12. 12 I was now sitting in the centre of the low hut... Start
  13. 13 'Ionce lost a ring - a beautiful diamond hoop that had...' Start
  14. 14 It was growing darker and darker; the night was coming. Start

Disk 4 von 5

  1. 1 As nonchalantly as I could I turned slightly on my stool... Start
  2. 2 In front was a bleak, flat waste that seemed almost dead level... Start
  3. 3 My pursuers rushed after me. Had only one of them held the rope... Start
  4. 4 That was the first sound I had heard from human lips... Start
  5. 5 A few of the men in front had powerful lanterns. Start
  6. 6 A dream of red hands Start
  7. 7 When I got home I made my arrangements for the night... Start
  8. 8 Here Jacob Settle had to pause, for something seemed to rise in... Start
  9. 9 I listened as in a spell as Jacob Settle spoke. Start
  10. 10 Crooken sands Start
  11. 11 Markam tried the dress on in his office one evening... Start
  12. 12 It might have been that the eagle's feather... Start
  13. 13 For a good while Mr. Markam sat and looked at the rising moon... Start

Disk 5 von 5

  1. 1 As Mr. Markam and the salmon-fisher walked together... Start
  2. 2 It was manifest after a few days that... Start
  3. 3 This did not in any way tend to lessen Mr. Markam's concern... Start
  4. 4 So the two stood facing each other, as though in some weird... Start


Unabridged reading of "Dracula's Guest", (originally part of Stoker's masterpiece, but excised and published separately), plus a range of other supernatural short stories. The reader is Rupert Degas. 5 CDs.


Bram Stoker, geb. 847 in Dublin, gestorben 1912 in London. Seine Biografie ist hinter dem Ruhm seines Dracula in Vergessenheit geraten. Die ersten sieben Jahre seines Lebens war er durch eine schwere Krankheit ans Bett gefesselt, ein Trauma, das er erst mit der Niederschrift seines Vampirromans ganz überwinden konnte. An der Dublin University entwickelte Stoker ungeahnte geistige und körperliche Talente, wurde Präsident einer philosophischen und einer historischen Studentengemeinschaft und war der Star einer Fußballmannschaft. Nach dem Studium schlug er sich als unbezahlter Theaterkritiker und Zeitschriftenherausgeber durch, bis er 1878 Manager des berühmten Shakespeare-Darstellers Henry Irving wurde. In seiner Freizeit veröffentlichte er zehn Bücher, von denen allerdings nur Dracula internationale Anerkennung fand. Bram Stoker starb 1912, genau zehn Jahre bevor mit Murnaus Film "Nosferatu" der Durchbruch des dunkelsten Helden der Weltliteratur gelang.

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