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    Boris Akunin: She Lover of Death: A Fandorin Mystery, Buch

    Boris Akunin
    She Lover of Death: A Fandorin Mystery

    From Boris Akunin, the writer who invented the popular Russian crime novel, a gripping tale of a secret suicide society in turn-of-the-century Moscow featuring a naïve young protagonist and the inimitable…

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    Ken Bruen: Purgatory, Buch

    Ken Bruen

    Jack Taylor has finally found a modicum of peace. He has managed to kick, however tenuously, the substances that had a stranglehold over his life. Yet this fragile existence is threatened when a vigilante…

    mind. 4 Wochen
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    Harry Dolan: The Good Killer, Buch

    Harry Dolan
    The Good Killer

    In the newest thriller from best-selling author Harry Dolan, Sean Tennant stops a deadly mass shooter. And that act of courage may get him killed.

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    David Gordon: Against the Law: A Joe the Bouncer Novel, Buch

    David Gordon
    Against the Law: A Joe the Bouncer Novel

    Joe is an ex-Special Forces operative with a bad case of PTSD and some substance abuse issues, trying to rebuild a simple life as a strip club bouncer living with his grandmother in Queens. But this simpl…

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    Joyce Carol Oates: Pursuit, Buch

    Joyce Carol Oates

    From a master "mind reader who writes psychological horror stories about seriously disturbed minds" (New York Times Book Review), comes an eerie, psychologically complex thriller about a newlywed wife hau…

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    EUR 15,94*
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