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Recorded in 1966, ‘Zoot! Live At Klook’s Kleek’ is a knock-out. It perfectly captures the group’s blend of soul-jazz, slow blues, energetic R&B and soul work-outs. Money plays a forceful R&B brand of keyboard-dominated arrangements with the occasional jazzy jamming. Much of the set is devoted to American covers, including a high-powered James Brown medley. With that typical smoky and swinging atmosphere present throughout the performance, listeners will be instantly converted to Zoot Money’s exciting club act.
  • Tracklisting
  • Mitwirkende
  1. 1 Chauffeur
  2. 2 The one and only man
  3. 3 I've been trying
  4. 4 Florence of Arabia
  5. 5 Let the good times roll
  6. 6 James Brown Medley
  7. 7 Mashed Potato Usa
  8. 8 Nothing can change this love
  9. 9 Barefootin'

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