• Stretch
  • You Can't Beat Your Brain For Entertainment
  • CD i **;


  1. 1 Fixin' to die Start
  2. 2 If the cap fits Start
  3. 3 The way life is Start
  4. 4 That's the way the wind blows Start
  5. 5 Hold up the light Start
  6. 6 Can't get enough Start
  7. 7 Hold on Start
  8. 8 Put your hands up Start
  9. 9 Love's got a hold on me Start
  10. 10 Feelin' sad Start
*** digitally remastered



Elmer Gantry’s actor friend Richard O’Brien (who wrote the ‘Rocky Horror Show’) conceived the thought-provoking album title, and this was the second Stretch album of 1976 vintage. It shows just how much good music was produced by many British bands that tended to get overlooked in their time. The material for ‘You Can‘t Beat Your Brain For Entertainment’ was written while the band was on the road and includes ten slices of solid, soulful rock with a great R&B edge.

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