1. 1 One Hundred And Five Degrees Start
  2. 2 Barricades Start
  3. 3 The man with the moon in him Start
  4. 4 Nickels And Dimes Start
  5. 5 Stop, look and listen Start
  6. 6 Overtime Start
  7. 7 Too Many Rock 'n' Roll Times Start
  8. 8 Deception Start
  9. 9 Breakthrough Start



Cry havoc and let slip the Leaf Hounds of heavy rock! At long last, one of the UK’s most exciting bands has come up with a hot, brand new album. The release of ‘Unleashed’ on r. a.r. e. complements the band’s original classic ‘Growers Of Mushroom’. This newly recorded set of high-octane performances features powerhouse vocalist Peter French - after spells with Cactus and Atomic Rooster - now back with a new line-up featuring fleet fingered guitarist Luke Rayner, Ed Pearson (bass) and Jimmy Rowland (drums). Dynamic tracks such as ‘One Hundred And Five Degrees’, ‘Barricades’ and ‘Too Many Rock’n’Roll Times’ epitomise the band’s allegiance to the legacy of Cream, Hendrix and Led Zeppelin. Outstanding cut ‘Breakthrough’ is a new version of a song originally sung by Peter French with Atomic Rooster in the 1970s.

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