The Voice out of the Whirlwind;Valiant-for-truth;
Messe g-moll;3 Choral Hymns;Nothing is here for tears;
A Vision of Aeroplanes;The souls of the righteous;
A Choral Flourish (Exultate justi)

  • Künstler: Clare College Choire Cambridge, Timothy Brown
  • Label: Naxos, DDD
  • Bestellnummer: 5567639
  • Erscheinungstermin: 1.2.2010
  1. 1 The Voice out of the Whirlwind Start
  2. 2 Valiant for Truth Start
  3. 3 Mass in G minor: Kyrie Start
  4. 4 Mass in G minor: Gloria Start
  5. 5 Mass in G minor: Credo Start
  6. 6 Mass in G minor: Sanctus - Benedictus Start
  7. 7 Mass in G minor: Agnus Dei Start
  8. 8 3 Choral Hymns: No. 1. Easter Hymn Start
  9. 9 3 Choral Hymns: No. 2. Christmas Hymn Start
  10. 10 3 Choral Hymns: No. 3. Whitsunday Hymn Start
  11. 11 Nothing is Here for Tears Start
  12. 12 A Vision of Aeroplanes Start
  13. 13 The Souls of the Righteous Start
  14. 14 A Choral Flourish Start


Ralph Vaughan Williams's sublime Mass in G minor reveals the composer's absorbing interest in using the modal harmonic language and contrapuntal textures of the English late Renaissance to achieve a huge emotional and dynamic range. Undoubtedly the most technically demanding work on this disc is A Vision of Aeroplanes, a virtuosic motet for mixed chorus and organ. Several neglected works also feature here, including The Voice out of the Whirlwind, an anthem for mixed chorus and orchestra or organ, and Valiant-for-truth, one of several works based on Bunyan's Christian allegory The Pilgrim's Progress.

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