Fantasias in F & d;Pavane G-Dur;Paget Pavan & Galliard c-moll;Fece da voi partita;Passamezzo Pavan & Galliard g-moll
+Caccini: Amarilli, mia bella
+Striggio: Chi fara fed' al cielo
+Marenzo: Deggio dunque partire;Io partiro;Ma voi, caro ben
+Lasso: Bonjour mon coeur;Le Rossignuol;Margot, labourez les

  • Künstler: Elizabeth Farr, Cembalo
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2005
  • Bestellnummer: 7959617
  • Erscheinungstermin: 14.8.2006
  1. 1 Fantasia in F major Start
  2. 2 Amarilli (after G. Caccini: Amarilli, mia bella) Start
  3. 3 Chi fara fede al cielo (after A. Striggio) Start
  4. 4 Pavan in G major Start
  5. 5 Deggio dunque partire (after L. Marenzio) Start
  6. 6 Io partiro (after L. Marenzio) Start
  7. 7 Ma voi, caro ben mio (after L. Marenzio) Start
  8. 8 Paget Pavan Start
  9. 9 Paget Pavan and Galliard in C minor: Galliard Start
  10. 10 Bon jour mon cueur (after O. Lassus) Start
  11. 11 Le rossignuol (arr. P. Philips) Start
  12. 12 Margott laborez (after O. Lassus: Margott laborez les vignes) Start
  13. 13 Fantasia in D minor Start
  14. 14 Fece da voi partita Start
  15. 15 Passamezzo Pavan Start
  16. 16 Passamezzo Pavan and Galliard in G minor: Galliard Start


Still largely unknown today, Peter Philips was one of the finest composers to come from Elizabethan England and, afterWilliam Byrd, the most published in all the various genres of the time. This collection of harpsichord works, recorded on an original baroque instrument, includes all of his most famous pieces for keyboard "the Pavan and Galliard pairs and the Fantasia in F major " together with his sublime song and madrigal transcriptions.

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