+Regina Coeli;Lysistrata-Ouvertüre;Alcott Music
aus "Little Women"

  • Künstler: Emily Pulley, Andrew Sullivan, Dotian Levalier, Eclipse Chamber Orchestra, Sylvia Alimena
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2007
  • Bestellnummer: 7356372
  • Erscheinungstermin: 23.11.2009
  1. 1 Late Victorians: I. Nineteen eighty-nine# Start
  2. 2 Late Victorians: II. He had been born in South America# Start
  3. 3 Late Victorians: Iii. I Stood Aloof At Cesar's Memorial Service# Start
  4. 4 Late Victorians: IV. Chorale - Sometimes no family came# Start
  5. 5 4 Angels: Iii. Regina Coeli Start
  6. 6 Lysistrata: Overture Start
  7. 7 Alcott Music: I. Jo Start
  8. 8 Alcott Music: II. Meg Start
  9. 9 Alcott Music: Iii. Alma And Gideon Start


Acclaimed as 'one of the best opera composers of the moment', American composer-librettist Mark Adamo has also ventured into symphonic composition and other fields in each of which his theatrical sensitivity, political commitment and musical mastery are equally evident. The vivacity of his Overture to Lysistrata accentuates the play's anti-war theme, while Alcott Music rethinks the music from his hit opera Little Women. Regina Coeli pays tribute to the Queen of Heaven and Late Victorians is dedicated both to the memory of those who have died and to those who have survived AIDS.

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