Bird Songs;4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral;
Daisy Chain (Ausz.);Cherry Ripe;Magdalen at
Michael's Gate;Evensong;Endymion;Music when
soft Voices die;To a little red Spider;Dusk
in the Valley;The Lily of a Day;When I am
dead, my Dearest;My true Friend hath my Hat;
Mockturtle Soup;Will you walk a little faster

*** English Series Vol.8
  • Künstler: Watson, Wyn-Rogers, Spence, Davies, Bedford
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 96
  • Bestellnummer: 4601269
  • Erscheinungstermin: 13.4.2004
  1. 1 Cherry Ripe Start
  2. 2 The Daisy-Chain: Fairies Start
  3. 3 The Daisy-Chain: Keepsake Mill Start
  4. 4 The Daisy-Chain: If no one ever marries me Start
  5. 5 The Daisy-Chain: Stars Start
  6. 6 The Daisy-Chain: The Swing Start
  7. 7 The Daisy-Chain: Mustard and Cress Start
  8. 8 Bird Songs: The Woodpigeon Start
  9. 9 Bird Songs: The Starling Start
  10. 10 Bird Songs: The Yellowhammer Start
  11. 11 Bird Songs: The Wren Start
  12. 12 Bird Songs: The Owl Start
  13. 13 Magdalen at Michael's Gate Start
  14. 14 Evensong Start
  15. 15 Endymion Start
  16. 16 Music when soft voices die Start
  17. 17 To a Little Red Spider: To a little red spider Start
  18. 18 Dusk in the Valley Start
  19. 19 The Lily of a Day Start
  20. 20 When I am dead, My dearest Start
  21. 21 4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral: Rebecca Start
  22. 22 4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral: Jim Start
  23. 23 4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral: Matilda Start
  24. 24 4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral: Henry King Start
  25. 25 4 Cautionary Tales and a Moral: Charles Augustus Fortescue Start
  26. 26 My true friend hath my hat Start
  27. 27 Nonsense Songs: Mockturtle soup Start
  28. 28 Nonsense Songs: Will you walk a little faster? Start


Although the British composer Liza Lehmann had begun her career as a singer - she appeared in concerts and recitals, performing in oratorio and in various London concert series as well as overseas - damage to her vocal cords forced her to concentrate on composition, in which she had had an interest since early childhood, and on accompaniment. This collection from her extensive song output includes poems from Stevenson's A Child's Garden of Verses, once familiar in every nursery, her delightful mock-serious settings of Hilaire Belloc's Cautionary Tales and two Nonsense Songs from Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. Although the songs are short and light-hearted, they exhibit considerably more than just period charm. Liza Lehmann's second son, Lesley, was the father of the conductor Steuart Bedford, who accompanies the songs here, as his grandmother once did, and of the composer David Bedford.


C. Höslinger in FonoForum 3 / 98: "Die absolut kennens- werten Lieder werden von einem Quartett ausgezeichneter Stimmen vorgetragen, als vortrefflichen Klavier- begleiter erlebt man Steuart Bedford, einen direkten Nachkommen der Komponistin."

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