• Künstler: Talia Or, Altin Piriu, Nikolay Borchev, Ingolstadt Gregorian Chamber Orchestra, Franz Hauk
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2005
  • Bestellnummer: 7923700
  • Erscheinungstermin: 2.1.2007


Born near Ingolstadt in Bavaria, Simon Mayr spent the greater part of his career in Bergamo, a flourishing cultural and economic centre in the early nineteenth century. An important figure in the promotion of Viennese classicism in Italy, he combined, in his own style, the legacy of Vienna with the dramatic and melodic genius of Italy, and held a dominant position in Italian opera before the emergence of Rossini. Mayr's L'Armonia was written in 1825 for a visit to Bergamo by the Emperor, followed in 1827 by his Cantata for the Death of Beethoven, a work which contains allusions to Wellington's Victory, the Sixth Symphony, the Mass in C major and the oratorio Christus am Ölberg, which Mayr had performed in 1826 in Bergamo.
  1. 1 L'Armonia: Scene I: Chorus: Bell'Armonia risvegliati (Fair Harmony awake) Start
  2. 2 L'Armonia: Scene I: Recitative: Ah si: rimira, avventurata gente (Ah yes, see, fortunate people) (Bass) Start
  3. 3 L'Armonia: Scene I: Aria: Qual diletto inonda il petto (What delight fills our hearts) (Bass) Start
  4. 4 L'Armonia: Scene I: Aria: La Patria gia sente il Nume presente (Our country feels the presence of God) (Bass, Chorus) Start
  5. 5 L'Armonia: Scene I: Chorus: Qual'indegno! il seren di nostra pace (What an outrage! Does someone dare disturb our sereni Start
  6. 6 L'Armonia: Scene II: Recitative: Popoli, amici!... (People, friends!...) (Bass, Chorus) Start
  7. 7 L'Armonia: Scene II: Aria: A combatter ci chiama la tromba: de' timballi gia il suono rimbomba (The trumpet calls us to Start
  8. 8 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Chorus: Vittoria, Vittoria (Victory, Victory) Start
  9. 9 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Recitative: Ah Si L'arpa Si Rechi: Sulle Dita Scorre (Ah Yes, Take Up Your Harp: The Song Of Victo Start
  10. 10 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Trio With Chorus: Rodolfo Onor De' Cesari, Invitto Eroe, Dov'e? (Where Is Rudolf, Honour Of Empero Start
  11. 11 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Recitative: Qual Solenne Concento L'orecchio Ne Percuote? (What Solemn Harmony Strikes Our Ears?) Start
  12. 12 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Chorus: Scendi De' Cantici, Alma Custode! (Descend From Our Songs Guardian Angel!) Start
  13. 13 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Recitative: Ecco Il Tempio: Ecco L'ara (Here Is The Temple, Here The Altar) (Soprano, Tenor) Start
  14. 14 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Trio With Chorus: Tu, Che Del Fulmine Movi Il Potere (You Who Have Power Over The Thunderbolt) (So Start
  15. 15 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Recitative: Ma, Qual Portento E Questo? (What Omen Is This?) (Soprano, Chorus) Start
  16. 16 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Trio With Chorus: Chi Del Cielo La Voce Comprende (He Who Understands The Voice Of Heaven) (Sopran Start
  17. 17 L'armonia: Scene Iii: Finale: Trio With Chorus: Di Bel Contento L'etra Risuoni (Let Heaven Resound With Sweet Contentmen Start
  18. 18 Cantata sopra la morte di Beethoven (Cantata for the Death of Beethoven) Start

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