+Messe;3 Russische geistliche Chöre;Cantate;Babel

  • Künstler: Mary Ann Hart, Thomas Bogdan, Fred Sherry, Stephen Taylor, Simon Joly Chorale, Gregg Smith Singers, Orchestra of St. Luke's, Philharmonia Orchestra, Robert Craft
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 1995-2002
  • Bestellnummer: 3744868
  • Erscheinungstermin: 18.9.2006
  1. 1 Pater noster (Otche nash', Our Father): Otche nash (Pater noster) Start
  2. 2 Ave Maria Start
  3. 3 Credo, "Simvol veri" (Symbol of faith): Credo Start
  4. 4 Mass: Kyrie Start
  5. 5 Mass: Gloria Start
  6. 6 Mass: Credo Start
  7. 7 Mass: Sanctus Start
  8. 8 Mass: Agnus Dei Start
  9. 9 Cantata: A Lyke-Wake Dirge (Versus I; Prelude) Start
  10. 10 Cantata: Ricercar I: The Maidens Came Start
  11. 11 Cantata: A Lyke-Wake Dirge (Versus II; 1st Interlude) Start
  12. 12 Cantata: Ricercar II: Tomorrow Shall Be Start
  13. 13 Cantata: A Lyke-Wake Dirge (Versus Iii; 2nd Interlude) Start
  14. 14 Cantata: Westron Wind Start
  15. 15 Cantata: A Lyke-Wake Dirge (Versus IV; Postlude) Start
  16. 16 Babel Start
  17. 17 Symphony of Psalms: I. Psalm 38, verses 13 and 14 Start
  18. 18 Symphony of Psalms: II. Psalm 39, verses 1 to 5 Start
  19. 19 Symphony Of Psalms: Iii. Psalm 150 (Entire) Start


This disc of sacred choral music features the masterly Symphony of Psalms, which Stravinsky dedicated "to the glory of God". The composer himself wrote:"It is not a symphony in which I have included Psalms to be sung ... it is the singing of Psalms that I am symphonising." The Mass (1944-48) dates from the composer's first decade in America, and is deeply rooted in medieval chant. Cantata (1951-52) consists of nine canons, the centrepiece of which is the Ricercare for tenor, in which Christ foretells his Crucifixion. In Babel (1944), Stravinsky uses text in which the descendants of Noah are frustrated in their attempt to build a tower reaching heaven.

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