+Tribute to Caesar;Nunc dimittis;Ode VII;I Am the True Vine;
The Woman with the Alabaster Box;Dopo la vittoria;
Bogoroditse Djevo

  • Künstler: Elora Festival Singers, Noel Edison
  • Label: Naxos, DDD, 2006
  • Bestellnummer: 2760081
  • Erscheinungstermin: 31.7.2006
  1. 1 Triodion: I. Introduction: ad libitum - Ode I: O Jesus the Son of God, Have Mercy upon Us Start
  2. 2 Triodion: II. Ode II: O Most Holy Birth-giver of God, Save Us Start
  3. 3 Triodion: Iii. Ode Iii: O Holy Saint Nicholas, Pray To God For Us - Coda: Ad Libitum Start
  4. 4 Tribute to Caesar Start
  5. 5 Nunc dimittis Start
  6. 6 Kanon Pokajanen: Ode Vii: Memento Start
  7. 7 I am the true vine Start
  8. 8 The Woman with the Alabaster Box Start
  9. 9 Dopo la vittoria (After the Victory) Start
  10. 10 Bogoroditse Djevo (Mother of God and Virgin) Start


During the past 20 years, Arvo Pärt has consolidated his reputation as one of the most significant contemporary composers with a sequence of magnificent sacred choral works. Dating from between 1990 and 2001, the works on this recording exemplify Pärt's mature idiom at its most harmonically expressive. If Triodion represents his music at its starkest and most unadorned, Kanon Pokajanen, the composer's largest work after the 1982 St John Passion (Naxos 8.555860), is music of a dark-hued and intensely felt contemplation. Pärt's emotionally-charged Bogor'ditse Dj'vo, is a vibrant tribute to the Virgin Mary. The Elora Festival Singers' recording of Pärt's Berliner Messe can be heard on Naxos 8.557299.

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